Seartec Features on CNBC Africa’s Power Lunch & My Business Rules

International Business News

Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, is undergoing a transformation, with major changes being made in the last few months. Seartec’s renewed emphasis on being a market leader and innovator has created media interest in the business strategy behind the scenes; which led to international business news channel CNBC Africa featuring Seartec on two of their shows.

Appearing on Alec Hogg’s Power Lunch and Svetlana Doneva’s My Business Rules, CEO Mark McChlery and CMO Bob Skinstad showed why they make such a dynamic team, and gave some insight into the plans to grow and expand the Seartec and Sharp brands in South Africa. Skinstad and McChlery have a history spanning six years, and bring a mix of entrepreneurial spirit and solid skills to the table. Their passion for growing the company and their genuine appreciation for Sharp’s state-of-the-art and high-quality products was evident throughout both interviews. They emphasised that a good product is not sufficient, and discussed their plans to create a comprehensive and integrated service offering for clients, which includes an emphasis on excellent service.

Seartec’s acquisition of Limtech and Officebox was also discussed, with McChlery and Skinstad explaining how the two new additions strengthen and augment the offering. Limtech is a leading provider of CCTV, Access Control and Security Solutions, specialising in biometric fingerprint recognition, fire detection, CCTV surveillance and hotel keycard management, and adds to the diverse portfolio of products Seartec offers as the first and longest-running distributor of Sharp products in South Africa. Officebox is a stationery distributor with a flexible and streamlined distribution system, which provides an expanded service offering to Seartec customers.

Seartec is now an individual supplier of a comprehensive list of products and services, including calculators, cash registers, copiers and multifunction printers. The competitive finance and rental options offered by Seartec were also mentioned. Another point that was highlighted was Seartec’s renewed commitment to staff development and empowerment. Growth and change need a loyal and driven workforce, and as Skinstad described the positive response to the internal marketing plan “five days of change”, his pride in the Seartec staff was evident. My Business Rules featured the showroom and the offices in Riley Road, Bedfordview, and Skinstad and McChlery spoke about plans to invigorate the Sharp brand by diversifying the product offerings and adding carefully-selected new products. On Power Lunch, the relationship with Seardel and HCI was clarified, as well as how this affects Seartec. The two features both demonstrated that there are great things in store for Seartec, driven by strategic leadership, a superior offering and a great deal of passion and energy.