Seartec hosts a great Rugby Business Network event in Bloemfontein

Seartec hosted an amazing Rugby Business Network

6 August 2014 – Seartec hosted an amazing Rugby Business Network event in Bloemfontein. Nearly 80 people participated and the group consisted of customers, dealers, rugby enthusiasts and potential customers.

 Bob Skinstad with Gatru from Seartec Guests at the RBN event

One of the guest speakers was young entrepreneur Beukes van Zyl, owner of Teambo. Four years ago he decided to think outside the box and since then he has built up a successful business and has added national and international corporate companies to his client base.

Mark McChlery welcoming people to RBN Bloemfontein GUests at the Rugby Business Network event in Bloem

We also had the honour of having Jonathan Kaplan, well known international referee as the guest speaker of the evening. It was presented as a lively discussion between Bob Skinstad and Jonathan Kaplan where the audience also participated in a Q&A.

Bob SKinstad interviewing Jonathan Kaplan at RBN Guests at Bloemfontein RBN

We look back on a very successful evening of meeting old friends, making new friends and strengthening relationships within the Seartec family.

 Rugby Business Network Bloemfontein Bloemfontein RBN Event

By Sonica van Zyl