Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp office automation, has re-launched

Seartec offices in Bedfordview

Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp office automation, has re-launched with new vision, new management and a new look and feel. To celebrate this staff were treated to a great week of fun and team building, closed off with a party hosted at the new Seartec offices in Bedfordview, Johannesburg on the 4th of July. The week of the 30th of June to the 4th of July marked a week were staff were inducted into the Seartec. Monday morning, the staff were greeted with a surprise when they got to work. The offices had been given a new “look” with green posters on the walls. They were also surprised by new desk organisers bearing the message that it is time to get re-organised.

Staff at Seartec re-launchStaff Members at Seartec Re-launchSeartec Staff Member, Sharp CalculatorSeartec Staff At Re-Launch, Seartec Office

Tuesday morning staff arrived to find that the green posters had made way for orange posters, orange is a colour of inspiration which was used to inspire staff to be innovative in their approach to solving problems so that they can be solving smart every day. Staff were given an orange box which contained an orange mug that changes colour when it gets hot. This is just a reminder to staff that Seartec is all about innovation! Seartec proudly distributes a wide range of innovative Sharp products including the 70” Interactive Display Panel and the MX-7500 which is a high volume production printer that produces high definition colour prints.

Orange = Inspire at Seartec RelaunchStaff at Seartec were given an orange boxStaff at Seartec were given an orange mug that changes colour when it gets hotSeartec Staff with orange mugs drinking coffee    Staff were not quite sure what was going on when they arrived on Wednesday because it seemed like there would be no surprises, so they were very happy to see delicious red velvet cupcakes arrive at the office just in team for that mid-morning energy slump. This was in an effort to reenergise with a passion for Seartec.

Seartec Staff, Creativity is courageous, pass it on

Staff Member, Passion is energy

Seartec Staff posing for pictures wednesday

Seartec Staff Member with Red Velvet cupcake

Thursday arrived and staff were surprised to find a letter that was only readable using 3D glasses. This letter was from CEO Mark McChlery and it encouraged staff to reconnect with each other as a team so that we can achieve so much more as a group.

Staff at seartec reading poster,     The Hunanb Connection is the key to personal & career success

Friday was the final day of the re-launch and staff arrived to find new grey posters up on the office walls. The staff received a 16GB wristband USB that contained information about the newly re-launched Seartec. The staff in the Bedfordview office was also treated to a fantastic party to celebrate moving into their new building just off Gillooly’s Interchange and the re-launch.

staff, printers, posters Seartec staff, posters, Scarves   Seartec Staff posing

Before the launch party CEO Mark McChlery and CMO Bob Skinstad spoke to the press about their roles in reengineering the Seartec brand and how they plan on taking Seartec forward in the future. After that it was time to open the building where Mr Hiroshi Takaoka opened the new building.

If you would like to find out more about the re-launch of Seartec you can read more on itWeb, or watch this clip from Engineering News.