Seartec + SHARP calculators: An equation that makes perfect sense

Sharp calculators

Whether it’s a back-to-school necessity or a tool for business use, calculators can go a long way towards increasing efficiency and productivity. It’s all part of solving smart. SHARP produces a variety of calculators for general and desktop use, from a basic model to those with added features such as an angled screen or the ability to use solar power. There are also a number of more specialised calculators, such as scientific calculators and financial calculators.

The SHARP EL-531WHB scientific calculator is excellent for students to start off with, as it is easy to use but has extensive functionality, such as statistics mode, advanced algebraic logic, and the ability to convert numbers between the binary, hexadecimal, decimal, octal and pentadecimal systems.

For more advanced students such as those in high school and university, the SHARP EL-W535HT has four modes, including Normal and Statistics mode (which is quick and easy) and the unique Drill mode, which allows learners to practice mental maths calculations. Normal mode has the useful “WriteView” screen, which means equations can be typed into the calculator as they are seen in the textbook. It also has a random function, an easy-to-use percentage key, and a shortcut to find the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle. Drill mode is a unique feature which is fantastic for practicing basic mathematic calculations. There are two options in Drill mode: Math and Table. Math practices either addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or all four operations in one set of questions. You can also choose between 25, 50 or 100 questions. Table mode practices a particular set of times tables in either serial order or as a random mix. The calculator also indicates the number of correct answers.  Finally, in Table mode, an equation can be entered and the calculator will give back coordinate pairs which allows the user to draw a graph. Table mode can also be used to find factor pairs. Other features of this calculator include an easy-to-use log button, permutations, combinations and factorial buttons; storage of previous calculations even if the calculator is switched off and on again; and data storage in Statistics mode which can be accessed at a later stage.

Sharp EL-W506 calculator

Sharp EL-W506 advanced scientific calculator

Another calculator for mathematics students, even those studying advanced mathematics, is the SHARP EL-W506 calculator. It has 6 different modes: Normal, Statistics, Drill, Complex, Matrix, List and Equation. Normal, Statistics and Drill are the same modes as in the SHARP EL-W535HT calculator, with the exception that in Normal mode you can now also differentiate at a point, integrate over an interval, find the sum of a series, do conversions and use constants. Complex mode allows calculations using either rectangular or polar coordinates. Matrix mode allows calculations involving matrices, and using the MATH key to find the determinant or to transpose the matrix. List mode allows storage of a list of numbers (such as vectors) and calculations using these lists. Finally, Equation mode allows the input of either two two-variable or three variable equations to solve simultaneously, or to put in a quadratic or cubic equation and solve for their roots.

Finally, SHARP produces a financial calculator which is intuitively easy to use, with both Normal and Statistical functionality and can perform amortisations and break-even calculations and has an easy to use cost/sell/margin function, as well as an option that calculates day or date. UNISA has recommended the SHARP EL-738 for use in many of their financial courses, and it is used widely by other university students, as well as real-estate and finance professionals. For useful resources for students and teachers, including exam papers and worksheets, go to the Maths at SHARP website. For a list of the SHARP calculators available from Seartec, or a free quote, visit our website and view our calculator catalogue.

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