Why Sharp Calculators Are Essential Teaching Tools

Sharp was the first company to introduce the electronic calculator to the world in Japan, in 1964. Since then, Sharp calculators have played a crucial role in assisting educators in teaching some of the most important principles in problem solving. With South Africa’s maths and science performance constantly in the limelight, the use of calculators has been touted as an important aide to improve learner skills.

Sharp calculators go a long way in teaching learners the importance of maths and developing their calculation skills.

In the professional arena, arithmetic calculations made on paper are almost completely redundant. Whether determining discount in the retail sector or working out bonuses for employees, calculators are an essential tool for performing quick and accurate calculations. Calculators reduce computation time and help educators make sense of intricate mathematical problems which will eventually help learners in their future careers.

Teaching learners how to use a calculator is one of the basic skills that learners start with before they advance in their mathematics education. Starting in primary school with Sharp’s pocket calculator, educators can teach basic mathematical skills like adding and subtracting – gradually introducing them to more advanced calculations.

Sharp’s range of scientific calculators help increase the understanding of complicated maths problems in various subjects.

A survey by the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) on the  the grade 9 Annual National Assessments (ANA) results found that  learners who don’t have access to calculators had significantly compromised results.

Correctly implementing calculator use into the school curriculum can aide learners’ problem-solving capabilities. Calculators offer a deeper level of understanding of mathematical methodologies and results by giving students constant feedback.

Educators also reap the benefits of quickly moving on to new modules and focussing more on non-computational problem solving. Aside from assisting students in the maths class, Sharp calculators are also useful tools for teachers to accurately determine learner’s marks and percentages.

The special functionality of Sharp calculators assists in testing learners’ progress in maths education.

Sharp’s  scientific calculators have been designed with South African schools in mind, and have special features to assist in teaching subjects like maths, science and accounting. With specially designed modes, Sharp calculators can assist teachers in assessing learners’ development and track their mathematical thinking. Learners can even assess their own progress by using the Sharp Drill Mode – a feature unique to Sharp that allows you to do mental maths quizzes on the calculator.

Sharp’s advanced scientific calculators have functions like WriteView that allows learners and teachers to see their calculations as they would on paper. Educators can use the Table Mode function to assist learners in drawing the graph of any function.

Want to increase mathematical skills development? Have a look at Sharp’s wide range of calculators to find the right math assistant for your classroom.

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