Sharp Calculators: Making Maths Headaches a Thing of the Past

Choosing a calculator can be tricky when considering the enormous range of products available, many with very specialised and complex functions. Choosing the wrong calculator can result in the purchase of a model that is either overspecialised for its intended use, or conversely, cannot keep up with what is required of it. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, is in fact the largest distributor of Sharp calculators in the world. The Seartec range includes models that are very basic right up to those that are extremely advanced. Thus, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a calculator.

1. Choose between a hand-held and a printing calculator

Printing calculators are desktop machines that feed a roll of tape through an internal printer, printing out all calculations made. They can be used in limited cases in the place of a cash register and can rapidly perform business, currency and tax calculations. Hand-held Sharp calculators are far more commonly used, and there are a large number of different ones. In its simplest form, a hand-held calculator is used for basic mathematical functions and can be battery or solar-powered. The Sharp EL-376SB, for example, has dual power sources, and it is easy to use: it can add, subtract, multiply and divide, as well as featuring a square root and percentage function, and has a large LCD display.

2. What type of hand-held calculator is required?

School Calculators | SharpApart from basic calculators, there are various types of calculator designed for very advanced or specific functions. These can be broadly categorised as business/financial calculators and scientific calculators.

Basic handheld calculators: These basic calculators are small and reliable, offering the user the ability to do basic calculations as well as things like square roots and percentage. They are used by primary school children and business people alike due to the fact that they are simple to use, durable and small enough to fit in a pocket.

Business calculators: The Sharp range of business calculators include a variety of calculators that offer additional keys to the basic range of calculators that will assist people who work in the business world with calculations. These features include a mark-up key, a +Tax and –Tax key which is useful in working with VAT calculations. These calculators are designed to do cost of sales, mark-up and profit calculations with ease. The range of calculators offered include smaller calculators that will easily fit in a briefcase or laptop bag or a larger desktop size for people who are office bound.

Financial calculators: These are designed for people who work with money and make calculations regarding investments, leases and depreciation, for example. This type of calculator, such as the Sharp EL-738, can do some of the functions found on a scientific calculator, it focuses mainly on performing amortizations, break-even calculations, bond calculations and has a statistics mode. Finance professionals, finance students and those working in real estate will find these functions as well as the cost/sell/margin function extremely useful.

Scientific calculators: Scientific calculators are the most advanced calculators available and can perform a number of sophisticated algebraic and statistical calculations. The Sharp EL-W535HT is a multi-purpose calculator with an impressive array of features – such as drill mode, which allows students to practice basic maths calculations and times tables, and table mode, which creates co-ordinate pairs from an equation entered by user in order to draw graphs. It has a 100-key memory to store previous calculations and an easy statistics mode. This Sharp calculator is great for high-school students, while those working at a higher level (university or beyond) can use the SHARP EL-W506, which performs even more complex calculations such as integration, differentiation, and matrices.

Seartec offers an extremely comprehensive range of all of the types of calculators mentioned to suit any user requirement and budget. Additionally, Seartec’s Maths resources website, Maths At Sharp, is a valuable resource for learners to help them improve their maths skills and get the most out of their Sharp calculator. For more information or an obligation-free quote call 0800 474 277 or complete the contact us form and one of our helpful Account Executive will assist you.

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