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Sharp proffesionional display panels

Bring your marketing campaigns to vibrant life with Sharp’s range of professional display panels and  digital signage solutions.Sharp Professional Display panel

Show-stopping ideas need signage that can stop traffic!

Carefully crafted advertising campaigns deserve a display panel that can do them justice – but how do you pick the right mix of features? In a flooded market that offers screens and display panels of all sizes and prices, it can be tempting to prioritise affordability but there are some benefits to investing in a professional display panel. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, outlines what to look for in digital signage to make sure that your brand stands out.

Size does matter

Flexibility and choice are key, and you do not want to be limited by size constraints when choosing a display panel. More detailed designs need a larger screen to be better appreciated, for example. Sharp offers big screen LCD monitors that make a dramatic impact – the Sharp PN-E802/702/602 range are 80, 70 and 60 inches respectively, while the Sharp PN-R903 is a staggering 90 inches, all of which have the potential for creative and powerful graphics. For example, at 80 inches you are able to display life-size images of people.

Seeing the lighSharp video wall PN-V600At

A high resolution is important, but is not the only factor that contributes to image quality. Pixel pitch, the distance between the pixels on a screen, will also affect image crispness and clarity. Sharp’s PN-E802 has a tight pixel pitch of just over 0.8mm and even the massive PN-R903 has a pixel pitch of just over a millimetre.
Brightness and contrast are also critical. Lighting conditions are often not ideal, with poor light or even too much ambient light, either of which detracts from the display. The PN-E802/702/602 and PN-R903 all have an LED backlight with Sharp’s unique UV2 A technology, which prevents light leakage for bright whites, vivid colours and deep black shades. Additionally, the PN-R903’s boasts a fabulous feature: the LED backlight can give an image uniform brightness or certain groups can be dimmed or brightened independently of one another for greater control over image brightness and contrast and flexibility in different lighting conditions, meaning that displayed images always look their best.Sharp digital signage
All of the panels also have an ultra-quick 6ms response time, preventing blurring during motion.

Long-life technology for a better return on investment

Display technology should give you many years of use. Investing in quality gives you peace of mind that your digital signage is durable and robust. Sharp has developed innovative features for its display panels such as fan-free architecture to maintain airflow and dissipate potentially damaging heat without a noisy fan that attracts dust. Additionally, the built-in temperature sensor detects rises in temperature and adjusts the backlight accordingly. If the temperature rises too high the panel automatically goes into standby mode to protect itself. The panels are also designed to be ENERGY STAR® compliant, making them power saving and energy efficient.

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