Sharp’s leading edge security features

From confidential employee details such as medical records or salary information, to sensitive details about clients or business transactions as well as other digital assets, businesses need to be careful about protecting their data. A detail that can easily be overlooked is the fact that when documents are printed, data is communicated from the office network to a printer, and can be stored on the printer or seen when printed out. To avoid the leakage of protected information, certain multifunction printers (MFPs) come with cutting-edge security features to safeguard business data. Sharp is an industry leader in developing office technology with multi-layered security solutions. These sophisticated functions, which allow for complete peace of mind when working, include:

Data Encryption and Overwriting

security solutions on Sharp MFPMultifunction printers retain large amounts of information, which is created when copying, printing, scanning and faxing and stored on the device’s local storage. To protect confidential data from being accessed by unauthorised personnel who use a shared office MFP, the security features on Sharp MFPs automatically encrypt information before saving it to internal storage. Once a job has been finished, the encrypted data is erased with multiple data overwrites.

Secure Network Access/ User Authentication

Sharp MFPs use IP address filtering, which means that only selected computers can access certain devices. There is also the option to use account codes to restrict machine access as well as usage of user/group profiles, passwords, or external user accounts. As an additional feature for combining security and ease of use a swipe card reader can be installed. This allows the user to use the MFP without the need for a PIN code or password to send, scan and print documents.

Document Control

The Document Control Function is available for use on Sharp MFPs with the Data Security Kit installed. The use of the kit prevents unauthorised copying, scanning, faxing, and filing of any confidential documents. I does this by embedding the documents with copy prevention data. Encrypted PDF can also be created, resulting in a secure PDF document for encrypted transmission oversecurity_Network.ashx a network. To be able to open and view the contents of the file, viewers must enter a password. There is also the ability to embed a watermark, such as “Confidential” or “Not for Copy,” onto a document, which will alert the user to not distribute it.

SSL and IPsec Data Encryption

Sharp MFPs employ SSL (secure sockets layer) and IPsec (IP security) data encryption technologies to ensure an extremely high level of network security.

Tracking Print Information

This feature makes it possible to track documents and prevent data theft. This function prints the MFP user’s name, the date, the MFP’s serial number, job ID, and other specifics when requested, should a query arise.

Scan to Me Function

Scan to Me lets an authorised user send scanned data to his/her own e-mail address with one press of the start button. This removes the need to manually enter or select the address and prevents documents from being sent to the wrong address.

Data Initialisation

securityThis allows administrators to perform a complete device storage wipe and erase confidential information at their discretion via the MFP’s system settings. Performing initialisation on an MFP when it is time to replace it removes all traces of the data for added peace of mind.

these key security features are put in place so that you can have peace of mind when printing confidential documents. View our full range of office copiers to find out more.