Smart Businesses Get Right To The Point With Sharp POS systems

Sharp POS Systems

As a retailer in a tough economic climate, keeping accurate sales records, tracking inventory and making sure that staff are performing efficiently and speedily are top priorities to help manage finances and keep the focus on improving the bottom line. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, is always trying to find ways of Solving Smart – and the Sharp UP-820N Point of Sale System is a versatile, powerful and easy-to-use solution for fast-paced retail environments. The benefits of Sharp POS Systems are numerous:

  • Sales and inventory tracking made easy with POS systems

POS systems immediately record all sales and have a receiving and inventory module to pinpoint any inventory mismatches. The system can categorise stock by a number of fields for easy lookup and sorting, so stock levels and ordering are easy to control. The system can generate purchase orders and these can be tracked to review what is on order and backorder.

  • Manage sales and price reductions

If items have been discounted, the POS automates and records this – making it easier to accurately track markdowns. Pricing errors are therefore reduced and customer service is improved. Reports can be generated that will allow the previewing and printing of sales reports to identify trends and top performing employees.

  • A POS system helps to keep tabs on promotional offers

Promotions are a useful drawcard for customers but reconciling items on special can be laborious. POS systems can be programmed to record promotional prices and can be used to reconcile how successful the promotion was at boosting sales after the special offer ends.

Sharp UP820N

The Sharp UP820N POS System

  • Maintain consistency between different locations

Businesses that operate in more than one location can use a POS system to maintain pricing consistency and overall stock control

  • Eliminate time-wasting and get staff in front of customers

With inventory control and cash-register reconciliations handles automatically by the POS system, staff have more time to devote to their primary function of customer service and sales. The Sharp UP-820N gives businesses all these benefits with its advanced design and powerful functionality. It has a touch screen, programmable shortcuts including up to 30 flexible function menus, and is designed to be user-friendly to ensure that employees need less training time. It has Ethernet capability so that one terminal can be used as a central control point for control over closing out and totalling. An optional card reader can be connected to the UP-820N POS system for credit, debit and gift card purchases for customer convenience.  The system also uses powerful software such as the optional addition of the Sharp Intelligent Data Enterprise, where data from multiple stores can be pooled and analysed from an internet portal and optional “back-office” modules with detailed reporting features such as graphic reporting, data export and inventory control.

Whether it is in a retail and hospitality environment, Seartec is confident that the Sharp UP-820N is the right fit for established or growing businesses. Call 0800 474 277 or fill out the contact form on the website for an obligation-free quote.

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