Smart Technology Can Increase Office Productivity and Functionality

Smart technology is driving the way in which the world communicates, creating a more connected environment. The application of smart technology in the corporate world is also starting to reinvent the way in which businesses operate. Functional design is crucial in increasing productivity in the workspace. Incorporating smart technology in the design process can help transform offices into connected and creative working spaces.

Smart devices help to improve productivity, while at the same time uncluttering the office space.

According to a recent Gartner survey of 400 business leaders worldwide, technology-related change is one of the primary tools to help achieve business growth in 2015 and 2016. Incorporating smart technology into the office space can help to unclutter its appearance and stimulate the workforce’s productivity.

Devices that can perform numerous tasks at once can be used to replace traditional office equipment – reducing running costs and increasing office space. Installing interactive touch boards, for example, can serve as a substitute for different conferencing devices like projectors and whiteboards. This can unclutter the appearance of the conference room and create a single focus point.

Replacing other office equipment like scanners, printers and fax machines with a single multifunctional device, optimises on space while also simplifying business processes.

Sourcing reliable technology will ensure that you get quality products underpinned by a smart support system.

One of the reasons why the corporate world seems to be wary of smart technology is the fact that so many manufacturers are constantly entering the market. This can be challenging as not everyone has the time and resources to sift through the manufacturers and find the best quality solutions.

Opting for trusted manufacturers that are reinventing their products to service the smart technology market, offer an established support structure and include extended warranties and added services is a good avenue to explore.

When purchasing office equipment for a fast-growing technology-driven business opting to rent instead of buy, is a feasible solution. Renting allows businesses to easily adapt to changing technology while also saving money. Support and maintenance of rented equipment are also taken care of by the manufacturer.

Connected smart technology removes physical barriers to help increase workflow and movement.

Connected smart devices in the office space can help increase employee mobility and at the same time support collaboration. Working in the cloud allows people to move around the office and beyond seamlessly, and still have access to all their documents from any device.

Devices with multi-touch display increase the collaboration process by letting members work on projects collaboratively – eliminating the need for each person to bring their own device. Integrating applications between devices allows for easy sharing, for instance, documents and images that have been produced on an interactive touch board can be sent directly to a connected multifunctional printer. The same goes for scanning documents and sending them to the board to display.

Automating the regulation of movement has benefits for both employers and their employees and ads to aesthetics by replacing bulky locks with more tech-savvy and aesthetically pleasing access control solutions. Biometric access control systems are one of the best ways to improve safety while and at the same time helping businesses monitor their worker’s movements.

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