Seartec CEO Juan Laubscher interview at Standard Bank SME Summit

Seartec was at the Standard Bank SME Summit


Seartec was fortunate to have partnered with Standard Bank to present at the SME Summit this year. A momentous occasion, the SME Summit is a powerful platform and opportunity for small businesses to network, gain exposure, and gather valuable information on business development, the market, current trends, and the best tips and tricks of the trade for expanding their business in the often tumultuous South African Market.

With speakers from big-name entrepreneurs and business personalities, small businesses get insight and advice on implementing new technologies and strategies into their business and scaling for growth in the market. SMEs are light and nimble on their feet, able to make quick decisions that can put them ahead of even their largest competitors. They should take full advantage of this to improve their standing and increase their offerings.

What Seartec can do for Small Businesses and Startups.

As one of Standard Bank’s partners presenting at the event, we strove to introduce small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs to our offerings. We cater to the flexibility requirements of these small businesses, offering flexible and dynamic finance solutions and rentals to cater to their ever-changing demands and requirements. Our office automation equipment streamlines your business operations for as long as it needs to before you can upgrade or downgrade accordingly.

South Africa’s business market is made up of predominantly SMEs, and they provide the most opportunities for employment. It’s estimated that by 2030 they’ll provide up to 90% of the employment opportunities in South Africa. We’re happy to support the growth of the economy and entrepreneurs from all walks of life by providing our services to SMEs.

Our CEO, Juan Laubscher, was interviewed at the event. Take a look at what he had to say on the matter of our offering, opportunities for small businesses, and possible trends for SMEs in 2020.

Interviewer: Tell us a bit about your offering to SMEs?

Juan: The SME market is an upcoming market, and being an upcoming market, it’s got some special challenges. Which is very different (from) the more established businesses. Seartec, being an office solution and automation partner, not only offers specialised products for the various young entrepreneurial business startups, as well as small businesses, but also offers specialised financial solutions.

Interviewer: What made Seartec partner with the Standard Bank SME Summit?

Juan: The opportunity to bring our message across. Our message is very different to the normal office automation industry. And I think our company strategy, being customer-focused, focused on small businesses, and the need for flexibility in business in general, at large or small businesses today, is the thing that really made us partner (with Standard Bank). Trying to get the message across that there are other alternatives to the market for young startups, and small businesses.

Interviewer: What small business trends do you think will dominate 2020?

Juan: I think the small business community (is) growing in South Africa. The market is becoming more segmented, larger businesses need suppliers, (and) tend to outsource services. And as such, there need to be startups. And these businesses generally do not necessarily always have the financial means to do so, or the certainty in where they’re heading for the future. And this is where Seartec can add some value. In terms of the flexibility of the financial offering, but also the product offering.

Interviewer: What opportunities do these trends bring to the SME space and how do you think Seartec could help business owners along their journey?

Juan: I think Seartec, being a specialist in the office automation space, can really design tailor-made solutions for any enterprise that is in need of office automation solutions. And with office automation, I mean any form of printing, video conferencing, etc. So Seartec has been (an) important distributor for products for over 47 years. We’ve got a wealth of experience (and) technical expertise that can really sit down and analyse all the needs of each business on their own merit, (Finding) the perfect solution, not only from a products perspective but also from the financial solution and offering that is required.

Interviewer: How do you think platforms like the Standard Bank SME Summit empowers small businesses?

Juan: I think it’s an immensely powerful platform. Networking is the name of the game, and if you don’t network, you don’t know. And small businesses, they’re not generally exposed to all the offerings that (are) out there, as larger businesses largely get a lot of the attention from the service providers. Platforms like this offer small businesses the opportunity to network with incredible organizations that (are) willing to engage