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Limtech Access ControlFor any business, securDSC_1151smallity is paramount; and controlling who has access to business premises or restricted areas is a crucial factor in keeping buildings, assets and sensitive information safe. Just as critical is managing employee timekeeping to prevent time wasting or fraudulent timesheet submission, both of which are an expensive drain on business resources.

A biometric access control and clocking system allows business owners to oversee and regulate both of these issues in a simple, easy-to-use and reliable manner. Limtech offers a number of biometric access solutions that can fit a wide range of business requirements. Additionally, Limtech’s service offering does not stop at installing the system, but extends to customisation to suit unique business needs and ongoing support services to ensure that all Limtech customers remain protected and secure at all times. Limtech Security Solutions

There are numerous advantages for a biometric system over a proximity card or pincode-based access control solution. Using fingerprint identification, which is unique to each individual, means that biometrics cannot be lost, shared, borrowed, stolen, copied or forged. It also means that former employees or contractors can be rapidly removed from the system. While there are other forms of biometric identification such as facial recognition or hand geometry, fingerprint recognition is extremely accurate and most cost effective. It is also user-friendly and fast.

Biometric systems can also enhance productivity and eliminate any attempts to fraudulently claim for time not spent at work. The software can be linked directly to a number of different payroll systems, for convenient, immediate and accurate calculation of employee time and attendance figures.

Limtech offers several biometric access control systems:

BIOLOCK is a fingerprint scanner and lock-and-key combination. It can be unlocked with a fingerprint, pin code or manual key override, with unique codes for administrator function control. The high quality steel locking unit requires no external power or software, making it a simple but highly effective security unit for homes, residential complexes, offices, store rooms and stock rooms.

BIOACCESS is a fingerprint scanning access unit with a keypad for enhanced security. The customisable software allows the device to be configured to different business needs and has advanced matching algorithms of an internationally renowned standard. Each sensor unit can store over 2000 user profiles and sends information to on-board data logs that can be reviewed. The units can be connected to a network and programmed for restricted access at certain times of day or for certain individuals.

BIOCLOCK is a fingerprint clocking station for time and attendance monitoring.Limtech access control It can be stand-alone or networked and exports to payroll systems, as well as maintaining on-board data logging.

BIOSMART is a combined fingerprint and smart card identification system for access control, which can also be used for stand-alone fingerprint authentication. The software can manage an unlimited number of users and restrict access to certain areas within certain times. This system can be used for a broad number of applications for building access control management.

BIOGUARD is a sophisticated system for fingerprint identification for access control and time and attendance management. It is a self-enrolment unit with an embedded Microsoft Windows operating system, and is fully networkable with remote server management capability. It has a programmable voice interface for all language requirements and modules are available for standard Ethernet, HID proxy and wireless connectivity.

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