How technology influences growth strategies within your company

Technology and growth strategies

Technology can provide businesses of any size with a competitive edge. Small to medium enterprises, particularly, can use technology to facilitate business growth and profitability. Thus, innovative use of leading-edge technology solutions should be an integral part of a business’ growth strategies. Investment into technology affects all facets of a business, including increasing employee productivity, automating time-consuming functions, facilitating better communication and improving time and access control, amongst others.
As leaders in the technology solutions and office automation industry in South Africa, Seartec has listed some points to consider regarding the role of technology in scaling up your business.
Data integration and smart networking are critical
Data integration results in quicker response times and flexibility even across large geographical distances. Sharp multifunction printers, for example, MFPs are able to access the internet and cloud software, for easy access to documents. Their excellent security features will also ensure that no one has access to protected information. FuzeCloud, which is part of the Seartec portfolio, provides secure national cloud-based services at affordable rates, meaning that even smaller businesses can get connected.

Communicate cleverly
Power of technology to cause growthFrom boosting employee productivity to promoting business growth, communication is vital in any business context. Technology has powerful implications for the way that people communicate. For example, video conferencing means that anyone in the world is the touch of a button away.

Don’t get stuck with outdated hardware
Every business needs infrastructure that supports growth. Outmoded equipment, old machines that break or malfunction and hardware that is complex to use can all dampen productivity and waste time. Many businesses, however, find cost prohibitive when looking for new equipment. Seartec not only offers a range of office automation products that suit any budget, but their flexible rental finance options and after-sales service make reliable and innovative equipment possible for any organisation.Growth strategies
A survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit found that top-performing companies (measured by revenue) across the world invested in technology as a strategy for increased growth and productivity. These businesses also focused on integrated solutions and outsourced key technology components to experts. Seartec can help your business to adopt similar best practises, which will aid you in developing sound growth strategies.

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