The sweet spot between IT management and project planning

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The way the IT resources of your firm are managed depends on its size, how staff communicate, how much data traverses the network and the nature of your business. Systems need to be put in place to ensure that everyone is able to access the network at all times – downtime causes havoc from a financial standpoint and also throws a spanner in the works of productivity. Your company’s valuable data needs to be secure and immune from viruses or unauthorised access. All this needs to be balanced with project planning: another key aspect of maintaining a healthy business.

There must be balance and compromise between the different departments of the company.

A project is successful when the resources used and duration are balanced with the quality of work delivered. Project planning needs to be flexible and realistic, with projections and forecasts of how the project will unfold based on sound data; enter the IT department. It also involves the bringing together of different teams with different skills sets and agendas: the sales team, the finance department and IT managers. A balance is needed between the rigid requirements coming from IT and finance, and the more fluid needs of the creative teams.

The sweet spot lies in clear and frequent communication between everyone involved.

Clear communication between everyone involved in the project planning and implementation is essential. Make sure everyone understands their duties as well as those of the other teams. Knowing how everything fits together makes for a well-oiled system in which miscommunication is minimised. If you know the reasons behind why the sales team needs to do X, Y and Z, you will be more understanding about their frustrations and motivations and may even offer a valuable outsider’s perspective on difficulties they may come across. And that works both ways. Organising frequent but brief meetings between different teams will also help with communication flow.

Get the right IT management and project planning software to guarantee success.

Project planning is greatly improved with the right IT management software. DataDog offers integration across systems, apps and services and also lets you collect and analyse data that can help with predicting project time frames – boosting time management. Google Apps is a free and user-friendly set of tools that make collaborating on a project efficient and easy – so easy that everyone in your business can pick it up within a matter of hours. Documents can be updated in real-time making it ideal for multiple people to collaborate on. What’s more, everything is saved in the cloud. The project planning itself can be done on free and open source software such as Trello, which is both attractive and intuitive. You can set up as many user accounts as needed on the project and also manage who sees what.

An office that is well equipped with the right tools will communicate better and be more productive than those without. For help with this, get in touch with Seartec.

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