Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Multifunctional Printer

Choosing a Sharp copier

When considering paying a substantial amount of money for just one piece of office equipment, it’s important to carefully consider your business’s needs. A multifunctional printer (MFP) brings together a variety of office equipment that you would generally purchase separately. It allows you to copy, print, scan and email documents. It’s important to outline exactly what you require from your MFP as you can end up paying for features you don’t need or lacking the ones you do.

The user interface is probably the biggest driver when it comes to choosing the right multifunctional printer for your business.

An interactive system that integrates with your operating systems is preferable, as it connects and simplifies all processes. The interface is the mastermind of a multifunctional printer as well as the feature which makes an MFP such a valuable tool. Studying the special features of the interface will help you to compare your needs to what’s on offer.

Look for an interface that offers each employee a customised profile as this will increase productivity by preventing long queues from forming at the printer. Choosing a multifunctional printer that is connected to a cloud service will further enable you to share, store and remotely edit documents – increasing productivity and collaboration.

The interface of a multifunctional printer should allow you to simplify tasks.

The user interface will determines how easy it is to use your multifunctional printer. An intuitive interface will provide a clear separation of tasks and guide users through the various processes with ease.

Your MFP should also have some form of access control in place, like fingerprint biometrics or a login and password, in order to give employees complete and secure control of their documents.

In addition to this, look out for other practical functions like printing from a USB and copying directly onto a flash drive, as well as scanning and sending documents directly to your email address.

Some MFPs allow for smart edits that save valuable time, as well as costs due to printing an incorrectly sized document.

Most multifunctional printers allow you to edit documents and preview the final product on their desktop before printing. This saves your employees’ time that is usually spent travelling between their PCs and the printer to make adjustments to their printed documents.

Multifunctional printers with a LCD touch screen offer a more engaging and interactive printing experience by allowing users to make changes using their fingertips.

If your business deals with highly sensitive or classified documents, the printer is the most likely place where information is leaked.

According to a Quocirca print security whitepaper, only 22% of 150 enterprises surveyed in the UK, France and Germany have implemented secure printing initiatives. The paper also emphasises the instrumental role MFPs play to help secure the printing process.

Aside from allowing you to track all documents, MFPs can be integrated with your security software to further prevent any possible breaches.

Other smart security features include data encryption, an embedded confidential watermark on unauthorised documents and a function allowing confidential information to be erased when replacing your .

Instead of buying a separate printer, copier and scanner, MFPs combine all of these functions in innovative ways that increase productivity and reduce office costs.

The smart interface gives you control over paper usage. This can be helpful in establishing who is using vast amounts of paper, and accordingly, set up print limits to save on paper and ink costs.

Ensuring that your multifunctional printer is recognised under the ENERGY STAR® programme will further help to reduce energy costs.

Sharp’s multifunctional copiers combine intuitive interface systems and smart security features to enhance the document management of your business. For more information go the Seartec website to view their wide range of MFPs.

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