Top tips to supercharge your company’s work environment

Building a great work environment

Every business aspires to employ a busy, dynamic team who are dedicated to their work. But creating a positive and productive work environment can be challenging. Seartec has complied a few tips to help supercharge your office environment in order to boost efficiency and increase employee satisfaction.

Give new staff a warm greeting
Google is famous for the quirky methods they use to boost office morale. However, they base their decisions on scientific evidence and have created a highly productive environment. Google emphasises the importance of a good induction programme for new staff members. If the employee is made to feel welcome and included on the first day, and is well oriented with regards to the work environment and fellow team members, it can lead to a 15% increase in productivity over the subsequent year!

Consider the physical environment
It may seem obvious but an office that causes physical discomfort can be extremely distracting and will have a powerful effect on the attitude of staff members. Ambient temperature (too hot or cold) is an important consideration. So is air quality, light quality and noise levels. Even the number of plants and the office colour scheme play a role in adjusting employee energy levels and morale. “Sick building syndrome”, where office workers experience non-specific symptoms of illness due to time spent in the office, is poorly understood but is recognised as a contributing factor in decreased productivity and increased absenteeism. Think about factors such as hygiene and sanitation, adequate ventilation and temperature control.

Invest in managerial training
Good bosses are often made, not born – and interaction with a manager is one of the most critical factors contributing towards office moral and individual productivity. Employees value a manager who is calm, even-tempered, able to motivate and inspire and takes an interest in their lives. Managerial coaching can help develop this skill set and this can transform a tense, unhappy team into one that is committed and enthusiastic

Find ways to promote job satisfaction
Employees who are sincerely engaged in their work do so because they experience a sense of reward for what they do. This reward can be tangible, such as an economic incentive – for example increasing commission on a sliding scale with increased sales figures. It can also be intangible, such as the feeling of satisfaction derived from completing a challenging task or solving a difficult problem, or from being recognised for a job well done. Figuring out what motivates team members allows managers to give positive feedback that really works.

Keep it smooth and seamless
The small hassles and everyday inconveniences can often build up to create a negative environment. Network issues, printer problems, and connectivity complications – many offices suffer from these glitches and they can kill productivity. With a diversified portfolio and an individualised approach towards each clients’ specific needs, Seartec is able to develop a unique package of office automation products and interconnected services. Seartec also offers unparalleled after-sales service and support so that if a problem occurs, they are able to solve it and restore productivity with minimal downtime. This integrated offering makes Seartec the logical choice to supercharge your office environment.

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