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Sharp Scientific calculator

You don’t have to do financial calculations the old way anymore! Use the SHARP EL-738 financial calculator to save you time and guarantee accuracy.

A financial calculator is a must not only for business, economics, finance and accounting students, but for any professional working in finance-related fields. However, many financial calculators on the market are clumsy and difficult to use, making performing calculations frustrating and time-consuming. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, offers the SHARP EL-738 advanced financial calculator – a smart, intuitive calculator that is ideal for the classroom and business environment. This calculator’s reliability and flexibility make it an excellent value-for-money tool for any kind of financial planning and budgeting, making it the best financial calculator on the market.


The EL-738 has all the features of a scientific calculator. It can do trigonometry calculations, work with fractions and factorials and has memory keys to store calculations. Its financial functionality is advanced and covers almost all of the calculations necessary in the classroom or office, such as interest rate conversions, which are extremely difficult to do in equation format and very simple to do with a financial calculator, and all time-value-of-money calculations. The EL-738 also performs amoritisation calculations, and non-uniform cash flow calculations. It calculates cost-sell-margins and mark-up calculations, discounts, and present and future value annuities. It also performs statistical calculations, including a large range of statistics variables and linear regression, with its statistics mode. These complex calculations are simplified by the fact that the EL-738 is intuitive to use. CalculationSharp Financial Calculators are easy to set up and require less key presses to input basic information.

The EL-738 has accurate, intelligent technology that makes it the perfect “right-hand man”. It also has a 2 line, large-digit LCD display with mode indicators and is sleek and professional, as well as light – which is a useful feature as no one wants to lug a heavy calculator to classes or work every day. Even the buttons have been designed for ease of use, as they are large, easy to read and good for blind touch typing.

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