Do you want the best boardroom teleconferencing solution?

Boardroom Solution

Seartec has the solution for you with our latest special offer – Our total boardroom solution, providing Skype teleconferencing using telyHD and a Sharp TV.

The boardroom is the hub TelyHD in use with telyCloud solutionof a business, from holding strategy sessions and making crucial decisions to having meetings and teleconferences to giving presentations. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, understands how critical it is to have a correctly equipped boardroom which meets the technology and connectivity needs of a growing business in a fast-paced environment. This is why Seartec is offering an innovative package deal, which effectively allows businesses to purchase a “Boardroom in a box”. This solution gives companies of any size a rapid and easy-to-install video conferencing set up of the highest quality – at a price that guarantees excellent value for money.

Seartec’s current offer for just R699 per month (for a 36 month rental at 0% escalation) includes a Sharp 50” Full HD Aquous LED Sharp TV for display purposes and a telyHD unit. The telyHD is Skype-based and connects to the web with a built-in browser, eliminating the need for an additional PC, and integrated Skype support means instant video conferencing connectivity. The telyHD unit enables high-definition video calls to any device loaded with the Skype application, including smartphones, tablets and computers. The package also includes a built-in camera, microphone and speakers and a one year telyCloud subscription. telyCloud is a cloud-based service that allows up to six locations to video conference without any special equipment apart from a telyHD unit at each location. Additionally, the unit comes with a telyShare app, which has a number of benefits including the ability to wirelessly share content from computers with remote users during a video call and wireless projection from a computer to the TV connected to the telyHD, which means that a separate projector is not needed for presentations. There is even a SmartRemote App which turns your smartphone into a remote control for the telyHD unit.TelyHD with TV

The package is plug and play, and Seartec’s dedicated commitment to customer service and support means that the offer comes with access to troubleshooting and maintenance services. For an additional fee, Seartec can also equip the system with an optional USB telyHD audio pod speaker, which is ideal if the boardroom is very large.

This versatile, high-tech and seamless boardroom solution is one of the many convenient office automation solutions offered by Seartec. Sharp multifunction printers, display solutions such as interactive LED boards, cash registers, security and access control systems and audio-visual solutions are all part of the Seartec offering. The Seartec stable even includes OfficeBox, delivering stationery at cost to customers who subscribe to monthly deliveries. The stationery can be ordered online for direct-to-your-door delivery. It’s all part of the Seartec commitment to make doing business easy, smart and Sharp.

For an obligation-free quote on the video conferencing package or to find out about any of Seartec’s other solutions, call 0800 474 277 or fill in the form on our website.