What do the world’s fastest growing companies do differently?

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Navigating a complex local and global economy can make it difficult for business owners to focus on growth and development. Nevertheless, there are industry leaders that are showing strong growth figures. What sets these businesses apart (according to an analysis conducted by KPMG) is a strategic mind-set that views change as a positive force. By acknowledging that change and disruption in the market is inevitable, and being flexible enough to find the opportunities inherent within industry shifts, businesses are able to adapt and emerge ahead of competitors who are simply trying to “weather the storm”.

Embrace the digital revolution

One core strategy common to fast-growing companies was to invest in technology and create expertise within the organisation around this technology. This meant that they could either use existing technology in novel ways to boost their business, or that they could be among the first to identify new technological advances (both hardware and software) that could help them to gain a competitive advantage. Leading organisations also recognised that while using a given technology as a stand-alone has certain benefits, combining different technologies can provide them with powerful business solutions. Thus, it is critical to understand the digital and technological landscape, and take timeOffice equipment can promote growth to brainstorm how you can tailor what is available to create a bespoke solution for your organisation.

Use data and analytics to underpin strategic decisions and promote growth

There is a wide range of software available that can search and analyse your company data for valuable insights – whether it is how to cut costs and increase operational efficiency, streamline supplier interactions, analyse customer trends and demographics or simplify HR processes. Evidence shows that leading businesses make full use of the data available to them with smart analytical software. This means that future business decisions can be made based on solid evidence.

Invest in the right talent

Technology is often only as smart as the user. Flourishing businesses are taking the time to hire, train and mentor their staff in order to create a switched-on workforce. Evaluate employees on their ability to adapt to change and to take on new challenges, and use these strengths to build a team with the right outlook and expertise to help push the business forward. Extensive training on new technology will also ensure that any technological investments made by your organisation will be used to its full potential.

Find the right partners

Choose a supplier that will work with you to embrace change and enable growth. Seartec has a portfolio of leading-edge services that make it a one-stop shop for any business wishing to build a powerful technology portfolio. Sharp’s Cloud Portal Office stores all your data in the cloud, and can make it accessible to subscribed users from an multifunction printer, smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or interactive whiteboard. Seartec’s Fleet Manager Software automates how you manage your office technology by keeping track of your multifunction printers – when they will require new toner, or a maintenance check, for example.

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