Why the smartest offices use Sharp copiers

Streamlining office efficiency means using smart tools to their full potential: combining hardware and software that is fast, flexible and future-forward. Seartec is a proud distributor of Sharp products because their multifunction copiers are robust multi-taskers with an array of features to suit the requirements of any business, whether it is a small office environment or a global corporation.

One machine, many roles

Multifunction copiers have taken office productivity to the next level: scan, fax, copy and print from one space-saving device. However, that is just the beginning. Transform your marketing department with the professional finishing options available on several of the Sharp models, such as the MX-7500N and the Sharp MX-M904N. This copier can print brochures and reports in crisp full colour, then fold, trim and saddle stitch them for a sleek and polished end product. Fliers, banners, mailers and other marketing collateral can be stacked, folded, punched and stapled as you require. All at the touch of a button!

Maintain data integrity

Sharp multifunction copiers are network-enabled, so that numerous individuals in an office environment can access one machine for convenience. However, this creates the risk of unauthorised individuals accessing sensitive information. Sharp machines have advanced multi-layered security features that prevent any kind of data leaks as well as keeping information safe from individuals outside the business. These robust features include secure network interface, port-based network protection and IP / MAC address filtering which restricts unauthorised access. Some copiers, such as the Sharp MX-M1204 can automatically encrypt any data stored on its hard drive. Password-controlled access and printing that requires a PIN, as well as several other document protection features all ensure that your information remains safe and confidential.

Find a specialised multifunction copier to suit your unique needs

Need to archive documents for accurate record keeping? The Sharp MX-B382 has an on-board archiving system supported by an 80GB hard drive. Producing output in high volumes? The Polaris Pro MX-7500 can produce 75 copies and 65 printed pages per minute. Want a compact powerhouse that saves on space but is packed with features? The MX-C381 has an optional business card feature in order to create business card databases, a remote access interface and can be integrated with your business applications. Whatever you need from your multifunction copier, Seartec can help you to find a tailored Sharp solution.

Manage your copier and your money

Smart budgeting is critical for any business. Sharp copiers keep costs down through their energy-efficient design, with reduced warm-up times and ultra-low energy consumption in standby mode. Additionally, Seartec’s innovative Fleet Manager software helps you to stay on top of your office activity and keep cost margins trim. Capture meter readings to plot copier output over time, giving you the information to assess and manage your office equipment needs. The software will also give you advance warning when you need to order toner, preventing over-ordering and the inconvenience of running out. And in the unlikely event of a maintenance issue, the software will notify you, so that Seartec’s dedicated team of after-sales specialists can minimise down time. Contact Seartec today to find out more.